My POS Of The Week

On Wednesday night, the Cubs did something nobody alive has ever witnessed before. The Cubs captures their first World Series since 1908. It was a 108 year draught that could have been blamed on a goat, or more recently Steve Bartman. 108 years! Time to party, get shit faced, walk around with your shirt off, and make an ass of yourself because you just did the impossible and everyone in the city of Chicago will forgive you. Make some stupid ass comments however, and they will never forget.

On Friday, the day that more then 5 million people showed up for the Cubs parade, Cubs catcher Miguel Montego took to the airwaves to vent. Miggy went on Waddle and Silvy on ESPN 1000 in Chicago and made some head scratching comments. You can listen to the interview here and going to the 2:49:00 mark of the show. If you don’t want to do all that, this is what he said,

“It was different for me. It was a different emotion because I didn’t get a chance to play. I was a little disappointed, to be honest, because I felt like I did a good job in the regular season but was left out a little bit. It made me feel a little like not important or maybe not as good to be in this lineup.”

Damn man. Your team just won the World Series two days ago, and you drop this on the day of the parade? What a fucking piece of shit. Hey Miggy, news flash, you hit .216 during the regular season and only threw out 11% of base stealers. Those numbers aren’t impressive and do not warrant many opportunities during the playoffs. Granted you had two of the biggest hits in the playoffs for your team, but fuck you. The Cubs are set to pay Montero $14 million in 2017. If I was Joe Maddon or Theo Epstein, I would first try to move him and be willing to eat a majority of that contract, and if that does not work, I would send him down to AAA to start the season for being an ungrateful son of a bitch.

Jonathan Coachman called him selfish. I call Miguel Montego a piece of shit.

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