Crazy Saturday in CFB; Pre CFP Rankings


Did I make a bad decision by going to a co workers last night to watch UFC 205? Yes, no, maybe so? He only had one tv in his living room and everyone over preferred UFC over college football, so good luck changing the channel. Luckily I brought my phone charger to stay alive on twitter. I am glad I watched the fight as Connor McGregor is a fucking boss, but damn was last night entertaining on the grid iron.

First off, need to give a shout out to John Carroll and their upset win over DIII power house Mount Union. The Blue Streaks snapped Mount Unions 112 game win streak in the OAC championship game by a score of 31-28. JCU is the former home of NFL linebacker and Bills fan favorite London Fletcher.


Onto the big stage. Down goes Clemson, down goes Michigan, down goes Washington. It was the first time since October 19th 1985, that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ranked teams in the AP polls all lost on the same day. Clemson fell at home against Pittsburgh, Michigan lost on the road in Iowa, and the Huskies fell to the Trojans at home. For Washington, it was their biggest game in decades and to only muster up 13 points is embarrassing. Jake Browning still in the Heisman running? Not anymore. While the level of play in the Pac12 has increase, their out of conference schedule is nothing to brag about (Rutgers, Idaho, Portland State). I will say that the USC quarterback Sam Darnold will be a player to watch the next couple of seasons. Washington will need to win the Pac-12 championship game and need help, but will first have to defeat instate rival Washington State and Mike Leach. Not feeling good about those chances.

For the Wolverines, did Jim Harbaugh get a little cocky? The Michigan equipment team decorated the visiting locker room in Michigan wall paper. While it was a boss move, it looks fucking stupid after you lose and might miss out on the College Football Playoffs.

A couple of questionable calls that went against Michigan, including a targeting call on linebacker Devin Bush. There was also the grabbing the facemark penalty which extended the Hawkeyes game winning drive which also seemed to be a phantom call.

Luckily for Michigan, they still control their own destiny. Win against Ohio State and the Big 10 championship and they are in. Lose and out. Pretty simple.

For Clemson, it was about time they finally lost a game. I have said it since last year, but this Tiger team is overrated. Fuck, they only beat Troy by six points in the second weak of the season. Why did Clemson lose last night? Awful play calling, and poor execution, especially late in the game when they were stuffed on 3rd and one, and then 4th and one. A field goal would have forced Pittsburgh to have to score a touchdown to win. Instead, Chris Blewitt got some redemption after missing an extra point and having a field goal attempt blocked in the first half. Pittsburgh running back James Conner is a lock for comeback player of the year. Not sure if that award exists in college football, but this stud battled and kicked cancers ass, and will be playing on Sundays next year. The AP poll has Michigan at number four, but I think Clemson deserves that spot as they did defeat Louisville and Florida State.

Here are my top four rankings as of right now

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Louisville
  4. Clemson

So what about the other teams on the outside looking in? You can kiss Auburn’s one loss chance good bye after they fell to Georgia. Auburn has a legit chance if they could beat Alabama the last game of the season and win the SEC championship. With two losses already and Bama rolling, they won’t even make it to the SEC championship game. Can you believe if Penn State makes the final four? Joe Paterno will be rolling around in his grave and Jerry Sandusky will be having some fun in the showers. Here is how that could all happen. If Penn State and Ohio State win out, Penn State owns the head to head tie breaker. The Nittany Lions would most likely face Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship. Now while winning a conference championship does not guarantee a final four seed in the CFP, it certainly improves your chances. Speaking of Wisconsin, what about them and Oklahoma. Both teams have two losses, but have been playing better as of late. For Wisconsin, it is pretty much a lock they are in the Big 10 championship game. For Oklahoma, their final two games of the season will determine if they play a third and possibly fourth game. Oklahoma travels to #10 West Virginia this upcoming Saturday for a great Big 12 match up, and then close out the season at home against Oklahoma State. I have a feeling that Bob Stoops will find a way to blow it as usual.

All I have to say is the next four weekends in college football are going to be interesting. Win or go home, or get some help. If you have given up on your NFL team, or are just sick of what is on the field, including the refs, I highly recommend you tune in and watch college football.

Here’s my latest Heisman ranking as well

5. Baker Mayfield – QB, Oklahoma

4. D’onta Freeman – RB, Texas

3. J.T. Barrett – QB, Ohio State

2. Deshaun Watson – QB, Clemson

  1. Lamar Jackson – QB, Louisville


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