Buffalo Bills Week 12 Preview; #WelcomeBackDoug

This video has significance for two different reasons. The Buffalo Bills are still alive at five and five, and last night Buffalo hosted the World’s Largest Disco, so shout out to all you pretty people who made their way to the convention center last night for a groovy time!

Back to the Bills. If the Bills would have just lost last weekend to the Bengals, we all could have skipped the last couple of weeks, and looked forward to the 2017 NFL draft and what moves this franchise could possibly make. Instead they made us believers again and have a VERY winnable game against the Jaguars and Blake Bortles. He sucks. Todays contest also marks the return of Saint Doug Marrone who mysteriously left the Bills after the 2014 season. This is a must win for Buffalo. Survive and advance with the toughest game remaining coming next week on the road against the Raiders.


The Bills are somewhat healthy by having Taylor, McCoy and Watkins all scheduled to start. Percy Harvin plays two games and already has his migrants. Might as well just send him packing. The Bills best wide out Robert Woods is out for today. So who is Tyrod going to attempt to complete passes to? Look no further then Charles Clay. Time to step up, make some plays, and lead this team to a victory. Back to Sammy. Have the Bills rushed him back? Probably, but they need wide receivers. While he is coming off the IR, we can’t expect too much from him, but look back a couple of years ago for what we gave up for him (Beckham, Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Evans, and Matravis Bryant). But fuck, c’mon and play!

It’s going to be a beautiful November day in Buffalo, and #BillsMafia is already alive and well!

Bills win 31-14


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