Miami Dolphins Fans Are POS

Lots to talk about in this video. The obvious is the scum bag Dolphins fans. Fat fucks who are just salty and have nothing better to do while watching their team play football. It would be a douche bag wearing a Suh jersey who starts it all. I wish I was there wearing a 49ers jersey because I would have been fucking shit up!

I have many pet peeves, and one of them is wearing a teams jersey at a sporting event that is not even playing. Maybe the kid in the Steelers jersey deserved it. He just looked so out of place, and ended up causing a fight for looking like an idiot.

Shoutout to the dude wearing the gloves at a football game. You think Tannehill is going to throw you the ball in 300 level. He comes in at the 47 second mark a the bottom left corner of the screen.

Also, I feel awful for the kid in the 49ers t-shirt with the glasses may have thrown the weakest punches I have ever seen. Don’t know if he is mentally challenged or was shit faced, but hopefully he learns a lesson from this and that is to not get involved in a fight cause he will most likely get his ass whooped.

But at the end of the day, fuck Dolphins fans and this scumbag family. You are truly pieces of shit.

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