Williamsville Superintendent Needs To Go ASAP


Photo courtesy of Derek Gee / Buffalo News

Buffalo News – Williamsville Central Superintendent Scott Martzloff publicly defended himself this week for the first time after the teachers union called for his ouster citing poor leadership.

Unsteady relations between the superintendent and Williamsville Teachers Association simmered over in 2014, when the union issued votes of no confidence in Martzloff and the School Board, accusing him of abuse of power and lack of integrity.

Union members, who had regularly criticized the superintendent at board meetings a year ago, have said little about the discord in recent months. That changed during Tuesday night’s regular meeting, when they let loose on his leadership, background and fiscal prowess.

“When is this leadership vacuum going to end? When can we, the students, parents and taxpayers and employees of this district expect a permanent and positive solution to our leadership crisis?” said teachers association President Michelle Licht. “Dr. Martzloff conducted himself in a manner that blurred the lines of ethics, integrity and truthfulness.”

This fuck clearly needs to go and he should have been relieved of his duty years ago after the shit show at Williamsville South when men’s varsity basketball coach Al Monaco was fired over calling a kid fat who was trying out for the team. The kid was black, the parents thought the coach was a racist and you know the rest. Martzloff handled that situation poorly and apparently has been sucking at his job long before. Time for the people of the Ville to stand up and get rid of this man. The kids need a leader, right?


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