Bills vs Browns Week 15 Preview; Will Anyone Watch?


While still mathematically in the playoff hunt, the Bills are all but out. What is even worse, is that this Bills team may win out, end up at 9-7 like they usually do and fall down in the draft line. So what is Rex and Bills management to do? Well they still want to win ball games and that means play Tyrod Taylor. I have to admit, I was a huge supporter of Tyrod. Many of us thought he was going to be the first QB since Doug Flutie to take this sorry ass franchise to the playoffs. But over the past few weeks, many like myself have probably lost faith in T-Mobile.

What do the Bills fans want? Give Cradle Jones the opportunity to start the last 3 games. They go 0-3? So fucking what? Finish the season at 6-10 and improve your stock in the draft. If the draft was today, the Bills would have the 14th overall selection. If the Bills lose out, they could slide into the 10 spot, or even ninth. Does that really even matter with no quarterback worth looking at in this years draft?

Onto this game. The only reason to watch will be to see if the Browns will lose their 14 consecutive game this season. Really that is it. Nothing else to see here. Unfortunately that is the only game on tv during that time if you live in Buffalo, so maybe you can go and shovel you drive way or scrape the ice off your windshield.

Prediction: Bills win 6-3

If anything like this goes down during the game, it will be the highlight of the game, maybe even the season.


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