Catch Of The Year?

Arm chair quarterbacks throw the term “catch of the year” after every somewhat great catch. You want to know the difference between an arm chair quarterback and myself? I know what I am talking about. In case you don’t know what an arm chair quarterback is, here is the definition from Urban Dictionary.

Armchair quarterback

Some d-bag who is certain that he or she can make better decisions than the coaches or players while watching a competitive sport on television.

Watching football with Porter is a drag because he’s an insufferable armchair quarterback; he doesn’t know jack-shit about sports.

What makes a catch of the year a serious contender? It has an impact on the outcome of the game, it makes you jump out of your seat and you drop a couple of F bombs, and it is something you talk about at the water cooler Monday morning when you get into work. OBJ had his catch against the Cowboys. This catch definitely made you jump out of your seat, and it was against their division rival in the Cowboys. Odell has had many excellent catches, but this one put him on the map.

Last night we may have had our 2016 catch of the year in the FSC semifinal between Youngstown State and Eastern Washington. With just six seconds left in the game, Youngstown was down 38-34 and had one last attempt to win it all. Quarterback Hunter Wells received the snap from center and the rest of history. Check this one out.

Remember those requirements I mentioned earlier? This catch definitely gets you out of your seat. This catch has a major outcome on the game considering it is the game winner, and it is definitely something I will have to show the fellas at work on Monday. Hats off to Kevin Rader. Hopefully he got his duck sucked by like three different chicks this morning. Awesome catch with the defender all over him. Where the fuck was the pass interference call? Regardless, the Penguins advance to the Ship and will take on James Madison for the title.

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