Donovan McNabb Is This Weeks POS

Thank you corporate America for giving me the day off today so I could watch Donovan McNabb make a fool of himself once again. Scroll forward to the 30 second mark of the video, and listen to Max Kellerman’s comments. Bam mother fucker! Mic drop! Max should have got up from his seat and walked out of the studio. Donovan, how many rings you got? 0! Eli may not be elite, but Donovan wasn’t either. Let the debate begin!

Sure Eli has thrown his fair share on INT’s in his career. But in McNabb’s career, he had double digit picks in six out of eleven seasons. Just saying. McNabb is just like George Karl. Just trying to stay relevant. And what’s up with Stephen A. teaming up with Donovan after Kellerman dropped that bomb. Racism at its finest. Pick on the little white guy.

When I Google Donovan McNabb, this is what I find.






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