Bart Scott Goes In On Marcell Dareus And You Can’t Be Mad About It

dareus – Shortly after the Buffalo Bills dismissed Rex Ryan, defensive lineman Marcell Dareus said that the former head coach’s defense had “too much detail.”

Bart Scott thinks Dareus’ claim is ridiculous. The current CBS analyst knows Ryan’s defense well. Ryan was Scott’s defensive coordinator from 2005-2008 and his head coach from 2009-2012. Scott told CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show that Dareus was too busy “lighting up” to learn the playbook and that the playbook can’t be put in crayon.

“That might sum the whole thing up – because that’s the guy that you gave $100 million,” Scott. “Instead of reading his play book, he was too busy lighting up. Are you serous? First of all, I’ve been in this system my entire career. Eleven years, I’ve been in this system. As a defensive lineman, you only have like four (or five) fronts. Man, if you can’t remember five fronts, I don’t know what to tell you, bro. We can’t put the play book in crayon.”

I don’t know anything about defensive play calling, and what responsibilities a defensive tackle has, but it can’t be that hard. Rush the passer, stuff the rush, and watch for the screen. Oh, you need to do a stunt and confuse the offensive line? Apparently that is to hard. Bart Scott is absolutely right when it comes to Dareus and his off the field activities. Get your shit together and prove why you are worth $97 million dollars. Take some notes from Kyle Williams on how to act like a professional and maybe you will be loved like that man. Kyle Williams is a fucking beast and should have his number up in the rafters when he decides to call it a career.

Real talk though, Dareus can’t be suspended for lighting up, he needs to learn how to drive, and have your Instagram on lockdown. Every athlete claims their shit gets hacked. Who knows whether it is true or not, but when it’s out, it’s out there and everyone can see it.


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