PlayStation Fiesta Bowl Preview; Who Really Belongs?


One may ask, do either of these two teams even belong here? Clemson played in the weakest of the Power 5 conferences in the ACC, while Ohio State didn’t even get the chance to play in the Big Ten championship. The committee looked at these two teams and believed either one of them would give Alabama a good game come come January 9th.

Saturday December 31st 7:00 PM

Playstation Fiesta Bowl

2 Clemson vs. 3 Ohio State (-3)

Is there a team I hate more than Clemson? Probably not. They are overrated, and this chick at work loves them so I just like to be a hater. Deshaun Watson really struggled early on in the season, but did pick it up in the second half. Watson needs to play well if the Tigers wants to live to see another day as this team goes when he goes. In some of their tightest games (Pittsburgh, NC State, Louisville, FSU) Watson threw 9 interceptions. I understand athletes get nervous before every game, but you can’t get to tight. Look for Watson to use his legs which will then open up the passing game.

Urban Meyer seems to do it year in and year out, always giving his teams the best chance to bring home a National Championship. Urban could become the first college coach to win two National Championships at two different schools, giving him some bragging rights over Saban, who only captured one Natty at LSU. We all know that Buckeye quarterback JT Barrett can run the ball, evident by his 30 rushing attempts. But what about his arm? Can he thread the needle with under two minutes left? Ehhhhhhhhhh……

Who do you need to watch in this one?

With a lot of the focus on Deshaun Watson, Clemson running back Wayne Gillman. The running game opens up the passing game for this Tigers offense, and you know the Ohio State D will be locked on number 4. The junior running back has gone up against some stout defenses, rushing for over 100 yards against top 30 rush defenses in LousvilleĀ and Boston College. But when matched against Troy and Pittsburgh, Gillman only rushed for 34 yards, and 36 yards respectively.

For the Buckeyes, it is their offensive line. While the OSU defense can limit the damage that Clemson’s offense can cause, it means nothing if their own offense can’t get going. Just look at the Michigan game. They allowed 8 quarterback sacks. That is 8 too many. Barrett needs to be able to help and get rid of the ball quickly, and not hold on to the ball for too long. Clemson has an athletic front four, especially on the outside with defensive ends

Who wins?

Fuck, who knows. All you can really ask for is a great game. I am going with the Buckeyes, just because of my hatred for Clemson and Dabo Swinney. JT Barrett has another big game running, and makes some crucial throws in this game to secure a victory.

Ohio State 27 – Clemson 24

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