What Is A General Managers Responsibilities?


Doug Whaley decided it would be best to show face and answer some questions from his biggest critics at his season ending press conference on Monday afternoon. It did not go well. He would have better off just sitting there and shaking his head yes or no. Not sure if you saw 49ers CEO Jed York who referenced the word culture 16 times, but Whaley may have him beat by using the word privy.


Some quick takeaways from the disaster yesterday:

As General Manager, how do you have no clue that Rex was going to be fired? What do you do all day? What is the function of a GM in the NFL?

Jerry Sullivan and Bucky Gleason are assholes. Stop trying to ask the same question by changing the wording around. They did the same thing to Rex and he told them off. Be grateful we even have a football team in Buffalo.

Looking at the coaching carousel out there, what coach would want to come in to this mess? Take all the heat, don’t hear from the GM or owner all season because they don’t want to do press conferences until after the season. Shit hasn’t been working for 17 years. It’s not all on Terry’s shoulders, but maybe change things up around here. What does Kim do other than look pretty?

This franchise is a disaster and Bills reporter Mike Rodak actually had some good tweets this morning. New year, new Mike?

Check out this somewhat awesome video from the press conference

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