NFC Wild Card Preview


All four teams competing this weekend in the NFC have legit chances of reaching the Super Bowl against the Patriots. The Lions have been the comeback kids, the Packers may be the hottest team in football right now, the Seahawks always find a way come January, and the Giants, well they are the Giants.

Lions @ Seahawks – Saturday 8:15pm EST (NBC)

The goal of every NFL club is to come into the playoffs hot. Neither of these two teams are doing that. The Lions lost were on pace for a first round bye and Matthew Stafford was in the MVP hunt to losing their last three games. For the Seahawks, they finished the season 3-3 in their last 6 and lost safety Earl Thomas.


In order for the Seahawks to make a run in these playoffs, Russell Wilson will have to make plays with his arm. Dealing with a nagging knee, it will be his arm that helps advance this team to the Super Bowl. Defensively, the Seahawks still have one of the best defenses even with the loss of one of their leaders in Thomas. Kim Chancellor has stepped up his game and look for Frank Clark and Cliff Avril to apply pressure.

For the Lions, their advancement also lies on the shoulders of their start quarterback Matt Stafford. The Lions had eight come from behind wins this season, a 1 in 40,000 chance to make that happen. With the best white running back in the game in Zach Zenner, according to Michael Bennett, Zenner might be able to provide some relief  to Stafford and his right shoulder.  Detroit’s D was nothing to brag about, but put some pressure on Wilson and force a couple of turnovers, and they may be walking out of the Link with an impressive win.

Seahawks 31 – Lions 21

Giants @ Packers – Sunday 4:40pm EST (FOX)

We all know the story line heading into this contest, and it revolves around a yacht. The Giants players had an off day and the wide receivers felt like flying down to Miami, renting a yacht for a day, do drugs, and bang incredibly hot chicks. It’s a free world people. Will that have any effect of the outcome on Sunday? No.

How many wins does Eli Manning have at Lambeau? Two. How many wins does Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have at his home field of Lambeau? Two. Very very interesting. What does that tell us? Eli Manning has the ball to go on the road, in a cold ass city and win big football games. Can he do it again? Absolutely. Will he need help? Absolutely. The defensive line showed up in the final game of the regular season and look for them to get pressure on Rodgers. Do many Giants players have playoff experience? No, but that is necessarily not needed according to Damon Harrison.

Aaron Rodgers has been flawless in the Packers 6 game win streak. He has thrown for 15 scores and 0 interceptions. Not bad, and definitely making a late surge for the MVP award. The Packers played running back roulette all season, but finally settled on number 88 Ty Montgomery. The wide out has done an excellent job helping Rodgers out in the run game which as we all know, opens up the passing game.

Giants 27 – Packers 21

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