Welcome to Buffalo Sean McDermott

seanTerry and Kim Pegula made it official yesterday afternoon, naming Sean McDermott as the 20th head coach in Buffalo Bills history. Lets just hope that Doug Whaley had some input on this hire, or at least even knew about it. McDermott, a defensive minded coach, comes from Carolina where he was the defensive coordinator with the Panthers for the past six seasons. The Panthers had one of the best D’s in the games the past couple of years, and a lot of that credit goes to McDermott.

And so it begins! Did the Bills make the right hire here? Absolutely. What was the Bills weakest side? It was their defense, other than Dan Carpenter. Ya ya ya, we brought in Rex to improve the defense and look what happened. Rex was an idiot and changed everything around. Now while McDermott will certainly make some tweaks, he will most likely bring back the 4-3 defense, which is where the Bills saw great success when Jim Schwartz was their D coordinator.

Good, we have the defense covered. Now what about the offense? We all thought Mike McCoy would be coming to Buffalo with McDermott, but now it appears he will be the new OC in Denver. Can’t hate him going to a playoff ready now team who is just missing a QB. That sounds awfully like the Bills. So now who? Norv Turner? Eh?

So why should Bills fans be excited for McDermott? He has something to prove. McDermott is not a household name, so he will be looking to prove himself throughout the league and to the city of Buffalo that he was the right hire. McDermott received a lot of praise from his colleagues and former players in Carolina. Here is what linebacker Thomas Davis had to say about his former coach,

“Coach McDermott’s strength as a coach right now, without a doubt, is his ability to motivate guys and keep guys tuned into what we’re trying to do as a football team and as a defense.”

I don’t know about you, but I am sold. Let’s go!!!

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