St. Bonaventure Fans Are Idiots

When there is not much going on in bumfuck Olean, New York, the community rallies around the basketball program. Head coach Mark Schmidt has had great success with the Bonnies, bringing this program back after their scandal from the early 2000’s (Read about the scandal here). Schmidt took the Bonnies to the big dance back in 2012 with the help of big man Andrew Nicholson who is now on the Wizards roster.

Today the Bonnies hosted VCU in what has become quite the rivalry in A-10 play. With the seconds closing down, St Bonaventure hit a 3 pointer with just 0.4 seconds remaining and a one point lead. Unfortunately for the squad, the Bonnies faithful prematurely celebrated and stormed the court with time left on the clock, forcing the refs to call a technical, which lead to VCU tying the contest and winning it in overtime. Nothing worse than coming to early.

This isn’t the first time Bonnies fans came in their pants to early and stormed the court with time on the clock.

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