Enes Kanter Needs To Know His Role

Last night was a special evening on Oklahoma City. It was a night for Thunder fans to move on from the drama over the summer when Kevin Durant bounced for the Bay to join the Golden State Warriors. It was the first game back for KD in the city that some may say raised him and his family. Oklahoma City was a potential NBA champion, but could never get over the hump. You can’t blame the MVP for joining a new power three (four if you count Draymond Green).

It was bound to happen. You know Russell Westbrook and Durant would have words. Heck, even Andre Roberson got involved. Late in the third quarter, Russ and KD had some words after a timeout as they walked to their respective benches. Awesome! This is what the crowd wanted to see. But for some reason, Enes Kanter felt that he needed to get involved and walked towards center court to chime in with his Thunder teammate.

Enes Kanter needs to back the fuck up. The ass clown was wearing a suit, and if you don’t remember, was the idiot who fractured his right arm after punching a seat. Hey Enes, understand the moment and know when it is your time to shine. This matchup was and will always be about Russ and KD until they call it a career.

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