Buffalo Hockey Is Making A Name For Itself

Things can’t get much worse for the sport of hockey in the city of Buffalo. First it was Andrew Peters assaulting a 15 year old, then it was Erie Community College freshman hockey player Brandon Day, and now the Sabres have dropped three in a row, including back to back games coming off their bye week. They lost last night to the Yotes after taking a 2-0 lead into the third period. For not being a huge hockey guy, this definitely does not make me want to watch hockey anytime soon.

We already discussed the Andrew Peters incident from Saturday evening. You can read about it right here. That piece of shit has already been suspended indefinitely from his coaching duties, and not sure what WGR is doing because I do not listen to that garbage. Yesterday afternoon, it was the NJCAA DIII national championship hockey game in Central New York. One of my college alma mater’s Erie Community College was partaking in the championship event, when down by 3 goals with under a minute to play, Brandon Day decided to be an asshole.

I am embarrassed to call myself a Kat. This selfish act by one ruins it for all his teammates. Fuck you Brandon Day.

Oh, and then there is the Sabres. The NHL is my least favorite sport, so I will not ramble on here, but it is time to sell. The Sabres are 7 points back with 20 games remaining. Do they have a chance? Probably, but it has to be less than 5%. The Sabres suck. Changes need to be made. Yes, I am talking to you Terry. Figure this shit out quick before all of Buffalo hates you.


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