Leonard Hamilton Should Be Fired ASAP

Leonard Hamilton must have never been involved in a big game where his team could advance to the Final Four. Down by 4 with 13 seconds left, the Seminoles let Michigan run out the clock and advance to next weekends Final Four in San Antonio. 13 seconds and down by four should have lasted 3 more minutes, but instead it only lasted 13 seconds. Do you not want to advance or do you want to go home? Apparently Leonard and his squad wanted to go home.

Leonard also must not have done his homework as the Wolverines are ranked 326 in Division I basketball when it comes to free throw shooting percentage. Michigan was 16 of 24 from the line on Saturday night.


While a majority of this should be thrown in the direction of Hamilton, his assistant coaches and players should be blamed as well. Did they not know the score of the game, or how much time was left on the clock. 13 seconds in basketball can be a lifetime with fouls and timeouts.

Maybe Florida State should hire Seth Greenberg. Some valid points made by the former coach, saving the best for last, mentioning the Virginia comeback against Louisville at the buzzer. You just never know, especially in college basketball.


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