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Douchebag Move for RJ Hampton To Keep His Decision Quiet For A Month

So instead of coming public and telling the world he was going to play overseas in New Zealand, he kept colleges on wait for him to make his decision. In the meantime, these schools could have gone out and recruited … Continue reading

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Somebody Let KD Log On To Twitter

Love waking up to this type of shit. The morning buzz on Get Up, First Take, and Undisputed. Which side are you on? I can see it from both perspectives, but Broussard might be on to something. The Warriors just … Continue reading

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Meet College Softball’s Most Electric Player

Miranda Elish, a pitcher for the Texas Longhorn’s women’s softball team, helped her squad advance to the Super Regionals, winning all four games over the weekend, which equals to 429 pitches in 90 degree plus weather. The former Oregon Duck … Continue reading

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Another Manning Prodigy

People claim that Peyton and Eli Manning are both hall of famers. Questionable statement, but I will let it slide. Sure Peyton put up great numbers, but those two Super Bowl rings are a fraud. He beat Rex Grossman in … Continue reading

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‘Old Town Road’ Music Video Is Fucking Fire

No wonder it took so long to come out after the song dropped. This shit is epic gold. Chris Rock? Five minutes of greatness. No doubt in my mind this will hit the 500 million view mark. Enjoy this as … Continue reading

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What The Fuck ESPN?

A lot of issues recently with ESPN, but holy shit, are they just reaching for ratings by airing Max Kellerman look like a complete fool on First Take this morning.

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Is Baseball Becoming Fun Again?

The games are to long. The balls are juiced. Players are taking steroids. Those are just some of the reasons why fans today, both young and old, do not enjoy watching baseball. Well folks, times might be a changing. It … Continue reading

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Basketball Musings From Yours Truly

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, with future free agents Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant putting in work and earning that next big pay day. We are getting the tail end of of high schoolers making their commitments to … Continue reading

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